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Started out of our founders basement in 1999, we have grown over the years both professionally and technically. has seen many different faces throughout it's life span.  These range from Picture Hosting to Domain Name Reselling.  We have always kept an eye on the industry in an effort to gauge what the general populations 'needs and wants' were.

The team is made up of Microsoft professionals with over 10 years of experience in the industry.  Not only do we love the job, but we have a genuine interest in bettering ourselves and our community.


We operate within the Miami NAP of the Americas. The Miami NAP is the 6th public Network Access Point on the Internet, home to DNS root servers, over 60 Tier1 providers, Emergency 911 operations, and US State Department Operations. The facility is considered part of the critical infrastructure of our nation, and is properly provisioned as such.

Windows Web Hosting  32 feet above sea level. The ground level of the building is 14 feet above sea level.

Windows Web Hosting  Cutting-edge surge/lightning prevention system works in a radius of 300 ft. to detract strikes
by discharging a static electricity flare.

Windows Web Hosting  Roof slope designed to aid in drainage of floodwater in excess of 100-year storm intensity
assisted by 18 rooftop drains.

Windows Web Hosting  The building is designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with 12 million pounds of roof ballast.

Windows Web Hosting  12 Million pounds of concrete for roof ballast.

Windows Web Hosting  7' thick solid concrete exterior panels.

Windows Web Hosting  The building is outside FEMA 500-year designated flood zone.

Windows Web Hosting  The building is outside the Miami-Dade hurricane evacuation zone.

Windows Web Hosting  2 separate armed security checkpoints.


Windows Web Hosting  100% AC or DC power availability guarantee.

Windows Web Hosting  Redundant power vaults fed from multiple substations

Windows Web Hosting  Two independent 13,200 volt feeders supply the high voltage switchgear.

Windows Web Hosting  Uninterrupted, stable power delivered by 6 HiTEC

Windows Web Hosting  Continuous Power Systems (CPS) which provide a transfer time 10 times better than
a typical UPS power system found in most data centers.

Windows Web Hosting  Each HiTEC unit is rated at 1800 kilowatts for a total of 10.8 megawatts of capacity.

Network Connectivity and Security

Windows Web Hosting  Miami has been ranked as one of the top-five best interconnected cities in the world, ahead of San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Windows Web Hosting  Absolute best site for connectivity to the majority of South America, Central America and the

Windows Web Hosting  Four 100 Mbps connections through Tier1 and Tier2 providers with BGP4 for complete
access redundancy. Tier1 providers are Global Crossing and Savvis, with Expedient and
Terremark as Tier2 providers (each with multiple OC-48 and Gig-E Tier1 uplinks.)

Windows Web Hosting  Award-winning multi-layer Intrusion Protection and Intrusion Detection Systems, as well
as full-featured redundant stateful packet inspection firewalls.

Windows Web Hosting  Individual firewalls, IPS and IDS systems available for dedicated servers, providing the
ultimate layer of protection.


We look forward to helping you have a solid presence on the internet.  Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.

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